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Healthy Bones Begin With You Workshop
By Health Promotion Board


Do you know osteoporosis affect 1 in 3 women over the age of 50, as well as 1 in 5 men? The good news is that osteoporosis can be prevented.

Join an upcoming Health Promotion Board workshop to learn about the risk factors and what you can do to prevent it. The workshop is comprised of two 60-minute modules. Module 1: Osteoporosis – Are You at Risk? Module 2: Healthy Bones Begin with You!

To maximize the benefits of learning, we encourage you to attend the two modules to be held on the same day. All are welcome. For registration, email us at or call 63636776.

Mark the date Saturday, March 2 on your calendar. See you at 2.00 pm in Lighthouse Woodlands!




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