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Sole Pain
Pain in the Soles & Life Transformation
Systematic Lupus
Healing Of Deadly Lupus
Supernatural Conception
A Miracle Baby
Severe Swelling In Legs And Abdomen
A Doctor's Encounter Of Divine Healing Of Severe Swelling In Legs And...
Liberated From Debilitating Brainstem Stroke
Complete Healing Of Paralysis
Severe Stroke And Supernatural Healing Of A Blocked Artery Supplying O...
The Lame Walked - Stroke
Stones In Urinary Tract
Restoration Of A Broken Relationship And Healed From Various Sickneses
Stones In Salivary Gland
Cleared Of Stones In Salivary Gland And Healed Of Triggered Fingers
Stones In Gall Bladder
Healed of stones in gall bladder
Stiff Neck
Healed Of Shortsightedness And Other Illnesses
Released from Hot Temper and Smoking Habit
Smoking Addiction
Delivered From Smoking And Blessed With Job Opportunity
Smoking Addiction
Delivered from soccer betting, smoking and neck pain
Smoking Addiction
Miraculous Delivernce From 30-Year Fingernail Biting Habit And 22-Year...
Miracle Service
Miracle TV Miracle Service