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Miracle Service
About Miracle Service

Literally thousands have been saved, healed and delivered at our weekly Miracle Service. Visit us and witness the amazing works of God.

Many commented that they could feel the awesome presence of God when they first stepped into the Sanctuary. Many who come forward for prayers felt the tangible power of God flowing through their like an electric current, a heat-like sensation and etc. And most importantly, many had their lives transformed and were healed of all kinds of sicknesses and diseases.

All these happened not only in our weekly Miracle Service, but also in our Sunday Services. Pastor Rony Tan, through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit said, "The atmosphere in the Sanctuary is highly saturated with the anointing of God. This is because we have spent hours praying in this place. And every person who visits and breathes in this atmosphere will be touched by God. No wonder, there were countless of people who had their prayers answered including those who brought their needs and problems before God.

So bring your love ones to our Miracle Sevice this Saturday and receive a touch from the Lord.

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Featured TestimonyMiraculous Deliverance from Atopic Eczema & Contact Dermatitis

For a long 13 years, Jane Cheng suffered from chronic eczema. Her doctor told her she had both atopic eczema as well as contact dermatitis. Her condition was bearable in the initial six years; then it became acute, greatly intensified and unbearable for the next seven years. Rashes like mosquito and large flea bites with intense itchiness would develop all over her body. When came into contact with paper, dust or detergents, countless weepy, oozing blisters would flare up on her hands and legs, causing intense itch. Countless bubbles would appear under her skin, causing it to swell. There were occasions the swells would be so bad that she could not close her fingers or even hold a cup properly. In her own words, she felt as if a million ants were crawling all over her body. She would feel biting, itching, throbbing and burning sensation all over her body all at the same time. Obviously, she would be kept awake a major portion of many nights. The medication prescribed by the doctor was futile. With her intense scratching, it was not unusual to discover her clothes and beddings stained with blood in the morning. Her husband, who had witnessed her plight, would often try to prevent her from scratching. Tony had to hold her hands just to restrain her. There came a time when she became allergic even to her pillows and beddings that she was compelled to sleep on a plastic mat on the floor. It was the only material that would not trigger any allergic reaction in her. more

Featured TestimonyTriumph Over Anger & Gambling Habit

Uncontrollable anger is a weakness that the devil would exploit to plot one’s downfall and destroy relationships. However, when a person consciously submits that area to the Lord, the Spirit of God will bring the liberty and victory that one desires.

Tan Kim Hua’s life was full of turmoil. He was an angry man and would easily fly into uncontrollable rages. His colleagues were well aware of his short fuse.

To make matters worse, he was a habitual gambler and would regularly bet on 4D. His indulgence could go as high as a thousand dollars for just a set of numbers. Although he had never won, this habit had become difficult to manage. He also invested in stocks and shares and lost most of the time. All that did not help with his anger management. more

Featured TestimonyHealed of Knee Pain & Ankle Pain

Have you wondered how God could set people free from a life of pain? Truly, He can come into all our circumstances to touch, heal and deliver us if we take a step of faith to trust and believe Him. All things are possible when we are connected to the God of miracles.

Tan Geok Hwa was only five years old when she met with an accident. She was walking along a pavement with her mother when a drunk driver bumped into her from the back. Had the driver not braked in time, Geok Hwa would have been seriously injured. On the surface, she did not have any physical wound and the medical report seemed positive. However, a year later, she started to experience pain in both her knees which would be unbearable at night. To numb the pain, she would hit her legs against the wall till she fell asleep. The situation got progressively worse that her brothers had to massage her legs just to relieve her pain. more

Featured TestimonyPain in the Soles & Life Transformation

Thomas Cheong was a self- made and self-centered man. His philosophy in life was simple - he trusted in his own ability to solve any problems in life. Even though he came from a family of idol worshippers, he was an atheist at heart. All these changed during the SARS epidemic in 2003. His outlook and philosophy in life went through a transformation.

At the tail end of the SARS epidemic, Thomas was taken ill. He had a high fever that persisted for a few days. Worried and fearful that he could have been affected with the virus, Thomas was hospitalized in Tan Tock Seng Hospital for four days. His whole body was aching badly and his head pounding badly. He felt weak and spent and could hardly sleep. Thomas went for a series of tests, but the doctors could not find anything wrong with him. One doctor even suspected that he had a mild heart attack. They discharged him after four days and gave him two weeks of medical leave. And before all these conditions were resolved, another developed. His soles hurt badly and were wreaking with pain that he had difficulty even to walk around the house. more


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