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May Yeong
May Yeong
Healed at the Miracle Service, Singapore
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Cyst Disappeared And Other Illnesses Healed
In March 2000, when May Yeong's brother-in-law shared the Gospel with her, May demanded proof to be convinced.

Three months later, abnormal bleeding led May to consult a gynecologist. He confirmed that she had a pea-size cyst in her right ovary. Although the cyst was benign, it was removed through surgery in August 2000. She was told that it was unlikely the cyst would return within the next 5 years.

However, 10 months later, May was struck with severe pain in her lower abdomen and back. There was also abnormal bleeding. Her gynecologist discovered a 3.2 cm by 1.5 cm cyst in her right ovary. An immediate surgery was recommended but May did not want to undergo another surgery. Her gynecologist suggested that her condition be monitored over a month.

In the next few days, May could not even stand, sit nor lie down in a stationary position for longer than 10 minutes. She had to shift her body periodically to ease the agonizing pain. Even if she managed to doze off, she would be awakened by the pain. After 12 torturous days, she decided to undergo a hysterectomy to end her misery.

Then, May learned of how her sister, Maureen, was healed of cancer by our loving God in the Miracle Service. Although uncertain if God would heal a non-believer like herself, she attended the following Miracle Service anyway. Half an hour into the service, she felt unusual contractions in her heart, abdominal area and knees. Incidentally, May also had been suffering from heart pain (especially when she was under stress) and knee pain. During prayer, as she followed Pastor Rony's instruction to place her hand over her heart, she felt a heat moving from her hand to her heart. Innocently, she thought that she might have been running a fever then.

The next day, the pain was reduced to a tolerable level. As a result, she could sit and work at the computer. For the first time in many days, she slept through the night.

May attended the subsequent Miracle Service. A few days later, the pain in her abdomen, back and heart was totally lifted. She could even go shopping without any problem with her knees. At her next check-up, the gynecologist was astonished that he could not find any trace of the cyst. It just disappeared!

May received the proof of the Truth she needed and duly accepted Christ into her heart. Jesus met her urgent and felt needs, then her critical need. What a wonderful Savior and Healer!
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