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Anna Chia
Anna Chia
Healed at the Miracle Service, Singapore
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Liberated From Heart Palpitations
Anna Chia, a nurse for over 30 years, began to suffer from heart palpitations in 1996. Her heart actually stopped beating for some seconds before it resumed to pulsate again. In those frightening brief moments, she would try to feel the pulse of her wrist. There was none. This would occur a number of times daily.

Anna consulted a cardiologist who concluded that she had to be on medication for life. After a month on anti-arrhythmic tablets, she decided to attend the Miracle Service and allow the Lord to touch her. She also attended Lighthouse Sunday Service regularly.

One day, while waiting for the service to begin, Anna prayed earnestly for her healing. As she was still in prayer, a warmth came over her, flowing from her head to her chest. Immediately, she knew she was healed by the power of God. From that day onward, she is off medication and her heart has never skipped a beat for the past three years.
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