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John Yeo
John Yeo
Healed at the Miracle Service, Singapore
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Wonderfully Healed Of Heart Palpitations, Lung Congestion And Stomach Ulcers
John Yeo had always been healthy and hardly took any medical leave in all his years of working life. In fact, sometimes he found it difficult to comprehend why others were taken ill so easily. One night in end September 2001, his heart started beating rapidly and irregularly. The discomfort in his chest was so severe that he thought he might pass away in those frightening moments.

Rushed to the hospital, John was diagnosed as having heart palpitations. His doctor immediately put him on medication. Unfortunately, the medication had negative side effects on him and he developed lung congestion shortly. As a result, whenever he slept on his left side, the added pressure on his lung would interfere with his breathing and caused irregular heartbeat.

Accustomed to enjoying good health, John suddenly had to contend with multiple chronic illnesses. With doubt and fear creeping into him, he experienced spiritual attacks from the devil and had fearful nightmares. In April 2002, John's condition deteriorated even further. He was so weak that he had to cancel all his overseas trips. John knew then that only God could deliver him and decided to attend the Miracle Service.

At the Miracle Service, John was still very weak and had to literally drag his feet to walk into the Sanctuary. While others stood up to praise God, he had to sit down. However, when the song "Breathe Upon Me" was sung, he felt energized and his heartbeat regulated all of a sudden. It was as if the Holy Spirit had breathed a new life into his heart. He sprang up instantly, praising Jesus with his hands raised.

Subsequently, while at home one night, John's wife and son prayed over him. His lung congestion also cleared. From then onwards, he has been totally free from heart palpitations and lung congestion.

In May 2002, John passed out black stools, indicative of internal bleeding. A gastroscopy revealed that there were two ulcers and also an erosion on the inner lining of his stomach. A strong antibiotic was prescribed to eradicate the bacteria that were wreaking havoc in his stomach. However, as his body reacted adversely to the potent medication and started having stomach upset and irregular heartbeat, he stopped right after the first dose.

John prayed at the Miracle Service again, believing the Lord for total healing. The following morning, during his quiet time, he felt the wonderful presence of God embracing him. Tears flowed uncontrollably. He just knew that the Lord had touched him.

His condition began to improve progressively from then on. He took lower dosage of the antibiotic and experienced no side effect whatsoever. Another gastroscopy and other tests were conducted. John was overjoyed that there was no trace of the bacteria or the ulcer!

Since then, on two other separate occasions, John also received healing from high blood cholesterol and high blood pressure. Through all his healing experiences, John's faith in God and compassion for others have grown. He now ministers regularly and fervently to the needy at the Miracle Service as a Gospelighter. All glory and honor to Jesus!
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