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Esther Ho
Esther Ho
Healed at the Miracle Service, Singapore
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Deliverance From Hemorrhoids
In August 1999, Esther Ho started bleeding from hemorrhoids every other day. Apart from being uncomfortable and painful at times, she lost so much blood that she looked pale and weak. Incidentally, Esther underwent an operation for the same problem when she was a teenager. With the painful ordeal etched on her memory, she decided not to go through another surgery. Instead, she pleaded with the Lord to stop her bleeding and heal her.

On February 19, 2000, Esther accompanied her niece Fiona Tan, who was suffering from a chronic skin disorder, to the Miracle Service. Esther prayed for Fiona to be touched by Jesus. That night, when prompted by Pastor Rony, she laid hands on herself and prayed. Immediately, she felt a stirring in her lower abdomen. She knew in her heart that something wonderful had taken place.

From that night onward, the bleeding stopped. In April that same year, just as Esther decided to testify of God's healing, the bleeding returned. Undeterred, she took authority in Jesus' Name, claimed total healing and went ahead to testify. Since then, the bleeding has stopped completely and she can even enjoy taking as much chili as she wants with absolutely no adverse effect.
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