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Jessica Wan
Jessica Wan
Healed at the Miracle Service, Singapore
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Free From Being A Hepatitis B Carrier
Jessica Wan had been a regular blood donor for many years. However, in 1994, shortly after donating blood, she was informed by the Singapore Blood Bank that she could no longer be a donor. As a standard practice, the Blood Bank routinely screens blood samples after every donation. The test on her last contribution reflected that she was a carrier of Hepatitis B virus.

She was bewildered and immediately thought that there must have been a mistake. So, Jessica made her way to the Blood Bank and argued with the officer on duty about her blood test result. The officer calmly advised her to go for another blood test. She did and it verified that the reading on her Hepatitis B Surface Antibody (HBs Antibody) was very low (18, normal range is above 50), confirming that she was indeed a Hepatitis B carrier.

Saddened that she could pass the virus to others or she could get severe liver infection if the virus become active, Jessica was forced to make adjustments in her life. She became very cautious about sharing food and kissing her loved ones. Moreover, she had to live with the frustration that she could never be a blood donor again because there is no cure for the virus.

Although Jessica has been a Christian for many years, she did not know Jesus as a Healer. In September 2000, she attended the Miracle Service and witnessed many miraculous healing cases. That started her praying in proxy for her friends and loved ones. As the dormant Hepatitis B virus did not cause her any discomfort or pain, she rarely prayed for herself. Yet, many a time, she knew that the Lord was working in her as she felt tremors and nausea during prayer.

In March 2002, when Jessica was asked to undergo a medical check-up for an insurance policy, she immediately prayed for God to use that as a confirmation of her healing. She excitedly requested the doctor to pay special attention to her HBs Antibody reading. The blood test result returned. A healthy reading of 76 was registered for her HBs Antibody and confirmed that Jessica was no longer a Hepatitis B carrier! Praise the Lord!
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