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Steven Ng
Steven Ng
Steven Ng
Healed at the Miracle Service, Singapore
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Cured Of Hepatitis B
In June 2000, Steven Ng felt weak, tired and short of breath. It was discovered that the AST liver enzyme level in his blood was an excessive 1,600 u/l (the normal range is 15 to 33 u/l). He had contracted Hepatitis B. Steven was quickly hospitalized where a second blood test revealed an even higher level of 2,400 u/l.

Steven's colleague, Dolly, a Lighter visited and left him with a 5 Miracle Steps booklet. Subsequently, when Steven felt a swelling and a sharp pain in his liver, he began reading the booklet, even though he had not been a believer yet. The pain in his liver receded after two days. Through this, Christ became real to him. Steven's condition continued to stabilize and within a week, he was discharged. Then he decided not to put off Dolly's invitation to attend the Miracle Service.

In the Miracle Service of July 1, he was so deeply touched by God's Love and Grace illustrated in the message about the Prodigal Son that he cried uncontrollably. He surprised himself because he had not cried like this, not even at his close relatives' passing. Steven went for another blood test. This time, the doctor gave him a clean bill of health.

Months before this, a lump, the size of a ping pong ball, had developed on his right elbow. Surgery was recommended to remove the growth. However, since Steven had just recovered from Hepatitis B, the operation was delayed. This situation presented him with an opportunity to pray for God's healing. He made a bargaining prayer - if the growth was miraculously removed, then he would be able to confidently tell others that it was God who had healed him of Hepatitis B. Two days later, he felt a tickling sensation there and within the week, the lump completely disappeared!

Through these two wonderful healing miracles, Steven and his family truly experienced the reality of Christ. They accepted Him as their Lord and Savior.
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