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Evan Chng
Evan Chng
Healed at the Miracle Service, Singapore
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Complete Liberation - Hepatitis B
From a blood donation exercise during his National Service in 1986, Evan Chng discovered that he had been infected by Hepatitis B virus. Not realizing the possible detriment this virus posed, he did not go for any further medical check-up.

In 1992, Evan was introduced to a liver specialist because of his doctor friends' strong advice. He was diagnosed with chronic Hepatitis B - the virus had turned active and might damage the liver. Without proper precaution, the virus could even be passed on to others. Since there was no known cure or treatment, all the specialist could do was to monitor his condition with a quarterly check-up. Evan had to watch his diet; avoid alcohol, Panadol or anything that would add burden to his liver.

Then, in 1996, his specialist persuaded him to take part in a clinical trial of a new drug against Hepatitis B. Prior to the trial, he underwent a liver biopsy and a series of liver function tests to record the severity of his condition. The cancer marker turned out to be alarmingly high. Evan was hospitalized at once. Within 2 days, his skin became as yellow as a banana and his urine brown as tea, indicating that severe jaundice had set in. He began to run a fever and had lost his appetite.

A friend of Evan's sister who is from Lighthouse Evangelism visited him at the hospital. Although Evan was skeptical toward divine healing then, he agreed to have his name submitted to be prayed for at Lighthouse. Three weeks later, the virus seemingly went into hiding. His condition began to stabilize and he was discharged. However, the specialist predicted he would be back within 6 months.

Evan met another Lighter who taught him that everyone could pray and claim healing from our loving God. Faith rose in his spirit and he began to persistently pray for complete healing. Evan was not hospitalized as the specialist had predicted. On the contrary, in October 1999, the specialist confirmed that no trace of the virus could be detected in his DNA test - a medical impossibility.

In His perfect timing, God not only healed Evan, He also spared him the S$16,000 hospitalization fee which was eventually borne by the drug company!
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