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June and husband, Ivan Low
June and husband, Ivan Low
June and husband, Ivan Low
Healed at the Miracle Service, Singapore
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Delivered twice from conception problems; healed of Brugada Syndrome, hemorrhoid, a hole in the heart and long-sightedness
In 1988, June was prompted to consult a specialist due to an acute abdominal pain. An ultrasound scan confirmed that she was suffering from endometriosis, bilateral ovarian cysts, collapse of her Fallopian tubes and a tilted uterus. Even after a corrective surgery, her Fallopian tubes remained partially collapsed and her uterus stayed tilted. Moreover, in 1995, endometriosis and ovarian cysts recurred. June had to undergo another surgery to clean the wall of her uterus and remove the cysts.

Six months after her marriage in 1999, June was anxious to conceive. However, her gynecologist told her that it would be impossible for her to be pregnant because of her medical conditions. June and her husband, Ivan Low, were deeply troubled as they really longed to have children.

Meanwhile, June met Priscilla, a Lighter who was transferred to the clinic where June was working. As soon as Priscilla found out about her condition, she started sharing with June about Christ and the Miracle Service. Every Monday before they began work, Priscilla would pray for June. She also interceded in proxy for her at the Miracle Service.

One day at home, June told Ivan that should she conceive, they ought to commit their lives to Jesus together. Ivan remained reticent and he did not really believe that praying to God would work.

At the check-up three months later, June’s gynecologist was astonished that she was three months pregnant. Overjoyed with the miracle, June immediately reminded Ivan to go to church but he rejected flatly. She then prayed to God that Ivan would change his mind.

On January 9, 2001, Ivan suffered sudden chest pain and breathlessness. His heart was gripped by numbness and was beating at an excessive rate. Rushed to Singapore General Hospital, he was admitted to the CCU (Coronary Care Unit). Ivan was diagnosed with Brugada Syndrome, an uncommon heart disease which can lead to sudden death with unknown cause. This condition is known to inflict relatively young men in their 20s to 40s. His doctor proposed inserting a pacemaker into his body to regulate his heartbeat. However, the pacemaker would cost a whopping $50,000 even though its lifespan is only two short years. It did not take long for Ivan to decide to attend the Miracle Service as he had nothing to lose but much to gain.

On the very day he was discharged on January 13, 2001, he came to the Miracle Service. During the healing prayer, Ivan felt a gentle warmth around his heart and an electric sensation in his head. At once, he knew in his spirit that God was real and was healing him. That night, both Ivan and June willingly received Jesus as their Lord and Savior. From then onward, all the symptoms of his heart disease stopped completely. He has been jogging twice weekly and his heartbeat has been normal since.

Subsequently, June was admitted to hospital for having an excessively high sugar level while still heavy with her firstborn. Ivan prayed for her in proxy at the Miracle Service. Her sugar level regulated and she was discharged the very next day. On another occasion, she discovered that she had a 2 cm hemorrhoid and was bleeding painfully when she moved her bowels. She just prayed in her toilet cubicle, claiming God’s divine healing. Two hours later when she passed urine, she was astonished that no trace of the hemorrhoid could be found.

In 2001, baby Leonard arrived after just 28 weeks of pregnancy. Born prematurely, Leonard had two serious conditions – a hole in the heart and long-sightedness(100°) in both eyes. Although his doctor diagnosed that the hole would close within a year, it did not. Furthermore, his eyesight worsened to 300° when he was one year old; and his optician was of the opinion that his condition would deteriorate with time. June and her husband just kept interceding for Leonard and also prayed at the Miracle Service. In February 2004, they rejoiced that the hole in Leonard’s heart closed completely. What’s more, his eye specialist also confirmed in March 2004 that Leonard’s eyesight had not degenerated but had instead turned 6/6 perfect vision.

Subsequently, June was told by her gynecologist that it was impossible for her to conceive again as the condition of her uterus and Fallopian tubes had not improved at all. Undeterred, June and her husband persisted in prayer. Eighteen months later, she miraculously conceived again! However, during her pregnancy, she suffered diabetes and high blood pressure. So high was her blood pressure that she might experience fits during labor, a danger to both the baby and herself. She committed her conditions to prayer again and both resolved without any medication. On January 19, 2003, John was born a healthy baby at full term. Praise the Lord!

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