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Jenny Lee
Jenny Lee
Healed at the Miracle Service, Singapore
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Set free from hives of 10 years
While suffering from a bout of flu in 1994, Jenny Lee consulted a doctor who gave her an injection. Half an hour later, her face swelled so badly that she could hardly open her eyes. Jenny quickly went to see the doctor again and received a second injection aimed at reducing the swelling. However, within the same hour, hives erupted all over her body and she was rushed to hospital. The raised red patches that were intensely itchy receded only after steroid was administered. From then onward, she was afflicted by this condition daily and had to depend on steroid to reduce the symptoms. She was told that nothing else could be done and she just had to live with it.

She started attending the Miracle Service in January 2004 and received progressive healing. A few weeks later, Jenny was overjoyed that the condition that had plagued her for 10 years finally stopped and she no longer had to take any steroid for relief.

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