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Lisa Hamilton
Lisa Hamilton
Healed at the Miracle Service, Singapore

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Healed of Fetal Hydrops
Three months into the pregnancy of her fourth child, Lisa Hamilton, who lived in Batam, went for her regular check-up. To her horror, she was told that her baby was diagnosed with fetal hydrops, a grave condition where water develops under the skin of a fetus. Lisa saw with her own eyes the thick layer of water under her baby’s skin from the ultrasound scan image. Her gynecologist notified her that her baby would very likely be crushed to death as the water layer grew thicker and if it somehow survived, it would be deformed with severe abnormalities. Lisa broke down in tears when she was further told that nothing could be done medically for her baby to overcome this condition and be born normal.

She went home that day devastated, wondering if that was God’s will for her to suffer the loss of her child. For a number of days, she could not do anything but grieve. Lisa then remembered the Miracle Service tract she took from the backseat of a taxi when she was in Singapore. She briskly pulled it out and asked her husband if she could attend the healing service and subsequently consult another doctor for a second opinion in Singapore. Her husband readily consented.

At the Miracle Service, several Gospelighters prayed over her. As soon as one of them laid hand on her stomach, Lisa felt the power of God and a gentle warmth flowing through her body. Other than healing for her baby, their prayer also included complete peace during her pregnancy. She left the service that night full of hope and peace.

Two days later, she consulted another gynecologist. Lisa told her of the condition of her baby and she immediately started the ultrasound scan. However, after several minutes, her gynecologist just could not find any symptoms of fetal hydrops. Lisa looked at the screen and was astonished that the thick water layer that she saw previously had miraculously vanished. Her gynecologist remarked that it was nothing short of a miracle as it would be impossible for such condition to resolve by itself.

Even though her gynecologist expressed a few concerns and recommended amniocentesis, Lisa and her husband decided against it. Throughout the rest of her pregnancy, Lisa had total peace of mind. On April 7, 2004, she delivered a healthy baby boy by the name of Michael Christopher Hamilton. Hallelujah!

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