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Juhenry Wong
Juhenry Wong
Juhenry Wong
Healed at the Miracle Service, Singapore
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Remarkable Recovery From Torn Knee Cartilage, Hypothyroidism And Curved Spine
Since January 2002, Juhenry Wong suffered pain in both her knees. When her right knee swelled and became unbearably painful, she saw a doctor. An X-ray revealed that she had kneecap dislocation. Even after several physiotherapy sessions, Juhenry's condition did not improve. A MRI scan finally pinpointed the root problem - torn knee cartilage.

By then, any pressure applied on her right knee would inflict acute pain. Even with a knee guard and a special prescribed shoe, she was unable to stand longer than two minutes. A surgery was duly scheduled.

Juhenry attended the Miracle Service on February 23, 2002, a week before the surgery. After prayer, she felt a relief in her knees. As a step of faith, she took off her knee guard and pressed her right knee. There wasn't any pain! Encouraged, she stood up for 25 minutes and even knelt with absolutely no pain. God had miraculously touched and healed her that night.

For years, Juhenry had suffered from hypothyroidism - her thyroid gland was not producing enough thyroid hormone). As a result, she suffered the usual symptoms of puffy eyes and face, swollen hands, knees and stomach, weight gain and constipation. Her doctor had even told her that her thyroid gland was damaged and she had to depend on daily thyroxine supplement for life.

At the Christmas at the Stadium event conducted by Lighthouse in December 2001, Juhenry had an unusual encounter. During the healing prayer, she saw a bright white light and was immediately slain in the spirit. She knew she had received a touch from God.

A few days later, she noticed that her usual daily dosage of thyroxine supplement was causing excessive level of thyroid hormone in her body. Even reducing the dosage in gradual steps brought about the same phenomenon. By faith, she stopped the supplement entirely after the Miracle Service on February 23. Since then, none of the hypothyroid symptoms has recurred.

Juhenry was also born with a curved spine that had a shape of the letter "S" from her side profile. She was often labeled a hunchback while she was in her teens. At a Christian concert in 1999, she experienced a remarkable breakthrough. When the song "Heal Me O Lord" was sung, she felt a warmth and something shifted in her spine. Subsequently, she discovered that her lower back had miraculously straightened; the curvature angle of her upper back had also reduced from 40º to 25º - a biological and medical impossibility.

Altogether, Juhenry received three wonderful miracles from Jesus Christ, our Healer and Savior!
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