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Tay Xiu Jin
Tay Xiu Jin
Healed at the Miracle Service, Singapore
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Remarkable Healing Over Multiple Health Problems Since Birth
Tay Xiu Jin, a two-and-a-half-year-old, received many remarkable miracles for her multiple health problems since birth.

Born with Down syndrome, Xiu Jin also had six abnormal holes in her heart. While undergoing a corrective heart surgery, she was met with complications that left her with lung damage. She developed asthma as a result. Furthermore, her immune system was weak and she was often taken ill.

Consequently, she had tremendous difficulty breathing, sleeping and feeding. In order to cope with her asthma, she depended on three different types of inhalers daily. Due to her weak lungs, feeding was extremely laborious because she had no stamina to suck from the milk bottle. As she grew older, she could only take in liquid food very slowly and often vomited the little that she managed to consume.

Xiu Jin's aunt, Juhenry Wong, who attends Lighthouse Evangelism, brought her to the Miracle Service three times and also prayed in proxy for Xiu Jin subsequently. Incidentally, Juhenry herself received miraculous healing of her torn knee cartilage and hypothyroidism at the Miracle Service in early 2002.

Progressively, Xiu Jin's condition improved. At her recent check-up in August 2002, her doctor confirmed that all the abnormal holes in her heart had closed up. Her lungs were completely healed and she has stopped all the inhalers. Her immune system is stronger and she has been eating so well that she has even put on weight. Moreover, Xiu Jin has been performing exceedingly well in the special school for Down syndrome children that she attends. In fact, after her most recent assessments, her parents were advised by her physiotherapist, psychiatrist, speech therapist and teacher to send her to a normal school after the term is over.

Through the healing that Xiu Jin received, her parents, who are unbelievers, have also become very open to the Gospel. Amen!

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