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Sue-Ann Chee
Sue-Ann Chee
Healed at the Miracle Service, Singapore

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Healed Of Severe 10-Year Migraine Headache, Pain In Ankle And Acute Rashes
For more than 10 years, Sue-Ann Chee suffered from severe migraine headache. At times, it would plague her continuously for four days in a row. So torturous was her condition that she would vomit several times in the same day. The strong medication prescribed could numb the throbbing pain in her head but the flip side of it was she would be in a daze the whole day.

Although Sue-Ann was attending the Miracle Service and ministering to others regularly, she had never prayed over her own condition. At one Miracle Service seven years ago, while praying for a friend whom she brought to the meeting, she was still having one of those splitting headaches. Finally it finally dawned on her that she could claim healing for herself too. In desperation, she just cried out to the Lord and expected a touch from Him. That very night, the pain subsided. Subsequently, she even went on to take a step of faith by discarding all her medication. The migraine that had plagued her for over 10 years has not recurred since that night.

In 2001, Sue-Ann experienced such pain in her left ankle that she had to take painkiller and also wear an ankle guard. While she was in an overflow room at the Miracle Service, she heard Pastor Rony prophesying that someone with a leg problem would receive healing in that service. She immediately looked around and wondered if she could be that person. After prayer, she was overjoyed that the pain lifted completely.

In that same year, she also had acute rashes for several months. The itchy rashes that were all over her body would cause her to scratch uncontrollably. Her cell group members interceded for her. After prayer at the Miracle Service, the itchy rashes totally receded that same night.

With the three miraculous healings, Sue-Ann can emphatically testify that Jesus Christ is her Healer!
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