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Mary Ho
Mary Ho
Healed at the Miracle Service, Singapore

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Complete Liberation from Debilitating Ankylosing Spondilitis, Ringing Tone and Back Pain
In mid-2001, Mary Ho had such a serious ear infection that she felt giddy and nauseous. The floor seemed to float about her and there was a constant ringing tone in her left ear. Even after medication and resting at home, these symptoms persisted.

That same week, she decided to attend the Miracle Service. Immediately after prayer, the irritating sound in her left ear stopped. She was totally delivered of giddiness and nausea by the time she got home that same night.

In early 2001, she suffered a spinal condition that required hospitalization. It was thought to be a slipped disc. With traction and heat treatment, her condition seemed to improve slightly and she was subsequently discharged.

Four months later, however, she was readmitted to the hospital. This time, she was diagnosed as suffering from ankylosing spondilitis, an inflammation of several joints together in the spine, characterised by progressive, painful, stiffening of the joints and ligaments. She felt as if her lower back was attached to a piece of stiff, dense wood. Furthermore, waves of acute pain, likened to electric shock, attacked her lower back and moved right down to her left knee as she burst into tears.

As her condition worsened, the slightest pressure on her left sole would inflict torturous pain. No treatment helped. Although surgery was suggested, Mary refused because doctors could not assure that her problem would be rectified. She decided to look to God to heal her. She attended the Miracle Service regularly and received progressive healing.

At a Miracle Service in October 2001, the stiffness and pain in Mary's back totally lifted after prayer. She was also delivered from the pain in her sole a month later.

Then, in April 2002, she over-exerted herself in house chores and hurt her back. Again, she felt electric-shock-like pain in her back. Mary persisted in prayer and at the Miracle Service on May 25, 2002, she felt a heat that flowed from her head down to her legs. Her back pain receded instantly and has not recurred since. All glory and honor to God!

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