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Michael Lee
Michael Lee
Healed at the Miracle Service, Singapore
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Healed of 26-Year Sinusitis And 18-Year Severe Back Pain
In 1987, Michael Lee began suffering from sinusitis. As his condition deteriorated over time, his doctor recommended surgery. However, Michael decided against it because there was no guarantee that the blockage in his nose would be cleared even after the operation. So for many years, he depended on daily medication and a nasal spray, without which his nose would be blocked and his eyes red and watery.

In mid-September 2002, Michael experienced wheezing and difficulty in breathing which resulted in broken sleep every night. He would have to wake up every one to two hours just to clear his nose. That not only affected him, but also woke up Kim Wah, his wife.

On November 1, 2002, while playing golf, he suddenly felt faint, breathless and pain all over his body. Alarmed, he went to his doctor who detected serious wheezing in his left lung and sent him for a chest X-ray. Instead of handing him the result, the radiologist told Michael that a second scan had to be taken. When a third and a fourth were also required, Michael knew something was amiss. His doctor immediately summoned him. A big shadow showed up on his left lung scan. Cancer or tuberculosis was a distinct possibility. For confirmation, a CT scan was scheduled the following day.

Michael broke the news to his wife and Brenda, their daughter. At once, Brenda called up the Speedlighters in her cell group to intercede for her father. That night, Michael cried out to God, telling Him that he was not ready to go. After he had gone to sleep, Kim Wah laid hands on him and also prayed over him. Amazingly, he had a night of uninterrupted sleep.

The next morning, Michael went through a CT scan. What ensued next was an intense discussion between his doctor and the radiologists from the CT scan and X-ray departments. After 20 minutes of suspense, his doctor finally came over and told him almost apologetically that from the CT scan, they could not find anything wrong with him. This was a stark contrast to the X-rays taken the previous day. His doctor examined him again and was surprised that even his wheezing had completely stopped. Michael knew that the Lord had delivered him from a potential disaster.

Subsequently, after viewing a Miracle Service VCD at home, he began to actively claim healing for himself and his sinusitis condition improved progressively. During prayer on the final night of the Miracle Explosion 2002, he felt a warm sensation and knew immediately that he had received a touch from God. From that night onward, Michael has been totally cleared from sinusitis that had plagued him for 26 years!

At 18, Kim Wah tumbled down a flight of stairs and sustained a back injury. Two more falls following that aggravated her condition further. Since giving birth to Brenda in 1985, she discovered that it would take her at least 30 minutes in the morning before she could slowly stand up from bed. Her back pain was so severe that she had to sit down to rest her back after standing or walking for just an hour. However, due to her high threshold of pain, she tolerated all those years of pain without seeking any medical help.

In December 2002, when her back problem became constant, the slightest movement would inflict torturous pain on her. Kim Wah was practically paralyzed by her condition and was robbed of sleep most of the nights. Michael even had to carry her to a doctor who would give her an injection and painkiller pills. She also went for acupuncture treatments that only brought her temporary relief.

Meanwhile, with the encouragement from a relative, Michael and Kim Wah started attending the Miracle Service regularly since March 2003. As she began to stand and pray, Kim Wah received progressive healing. The confirmation of her total healing came in June 2003 when Michael and Kim Wah went for a mission trip in Cambodia. Even after a 40-minute horse-cart ride on a rough road, her back did not hurt at all. In fact, since her return from the trip, she could play golf, work out in a gym and go shopping totally free of back pain. Praise the Lord!
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