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Dale Seow
Dale Seow
Healed at the Miracle Service, Singapore
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Delivered from soccer betting, smoking and neck pain
For more than three years, Dale Seow was hooked on soccer betting in the internet. She would wake up in the wee hours to watch all the live soccer matches that she bet on. That often annoyed her husband who was trying to sleep. Dale tried repeatedly to quit that habit, but each time she was drawn to it again after a short period of break from soccer betting. Through the sharing of her Lighter friends, she knew that Christ is the answer to her problem. On January 21, 2005, she felt so convicted that she said the sinner’s prayer, much to the joy of her two daughters who are believers and had been praying for her salvation.

The following day, Dale came to the Miracle Service with a nagging pain in her neck that had troubled her for three years. Incidentally, she had also been smoking a pack of cigarettes every day for more than 26 years of her life. Her attempts to kick the harmful habit using various means, including acupuncture, had not met with any success.

During healing prayer, something unusual took place. She felt a warm touch in her neck area. As soon as she opened her eyes, the pain in her neck totally subsided and has not returned since. Dale knew right away that she had received a wonderful touch from the Lord.

The next day at home, she just went about her usual routine. It was not until 2.45 pm that Dale realized she had not lit a single cigarette the whole morning. She not only had no appetite for it, but also felt no withdrawal symptom whatsoever! The Lord had miraculously delivered her from her smoking habit. From that day onward, the desire to smoke simply vanished. Furthermore, since the Miracle Service on January 22, Dale also lost all urge to bet. In fact, she no longer felt drawn to even watch a soccer game. By God’s grace, her bondage of soccer betting was gloriously broken. Praise the Lord!

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