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Jimmy Heng
Jimmy Heng
Healed at the Miracle Service, Singapore
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Healed Of Repeated Leg Infection, High Blood Pressure, Kidney Stones & Macular Degeneration
Jimmy Heng is one of the 260 plus Gospelighters who participated in the recent Manila Miracle Revival (MMR) in March 2008. Like many of them, he was used by God to heal many of the sick and afflicted. However, Jimmy shared that he only signed up for this MMR after something happened to him. 

Over the years, he suffered from a host of sicknesses. He had repeated leg infections which bothered him for more than two years. His doctor could not trace the root cause. All he knew was that his body was not responding to any antibiotic. The first infection started with a swell in his left ankle which rapidly spread all the way up to his knee. His left leg ended up almost double its normal size. The doctor could only open up the infected part, clean up the pus and then stitch it back. The infection occurred a second time. This time it affected the back of his right knee. When it started to swell, Jimmy reacted quickly and underwent surgery before it spread further. His third infection was in his right ankle. Again a surgery was warranted to resolve the problem. By the time he had his fourth infection, he became very concerned as his doctor said that the attacks could come anytime. Although surgery could take care of it, there was no prevention at all. In 1995, he attended his first Miracle Service which was then conducted once a month. After prayer, he rejoiced that his leg infection stopped completely and had not recurred since. 

Jimmy also suffered from high blood pressure for years. One day, he suddenly felt a bursting sensation at the top of his head. Knowing that something was simply not right, he consulted a doctor. His blood pressure was found to be 196/155 which was dangerously high and could lead to a stroke. Long-term medication was prescribed to keep his blood pressure under control. Then at one Miracle Service, God impressed upon his heart to depend on Him and showed him the way to receive his healing. The Lord told Jimmy to come before Him and be still for five to 10 minutes, three times a day. Jimmy obeyed. Before long, he was healed. Without medication, his blood pressure hovered at the normal range of 120/90. 

Furthermore, Jimmy was hospitalized because of kidney stones. On the eve of the surgery, he was prayed over by one of our pastors. Although the pain persisted, he just continued to trust God and commanded the stones to be removed in the name of Jesus. After 15 minutes, he just felt an assurance in his spirit that the stones were gone. The following day, a routine ultrasound scan was conducted and the surgery was duly called off because there was not a trace of any kidney stone.

Besides the healings mentioned above, God also healed Jimmy of water retention in the leg, migraine headache and other conditions as he prayed and trusted the Lord. 

Then at the beginning of 2007, the central vision in his left eye was suddenly obstructed by a black patch. At the Miracle Service, he was prayed over and the patch shifted a little upward, allowing him to see clearer. As he continued to serve as a Gospelighter praying for the sick, his condition progressively improved. In fact, it disappeared totally at one point. However, in January 2008, that condition recurred. His eye doctor confirmed that it was caused by macular degeneration, a condition in which the center of the inner lining of the eye, known as the macula area of the retina, suffers degeneration and thinning. Further examination revealed that the degeneration happened at a central area where any operation would leave a permanent mark there. Therefore, operation was not recommended unless it was absolutely necessary. 

Distraught, Jimmy pleaded with God that he did not want to be blind. For a few nights, he just kept praying and told the Lord that if He was able to heal him of the condition before, surely He could do it again. Somehow, he was also led to pray that if the Lord wanted his service in the MMR, he was willing to participate. 

However, by January 2008, the registration for MMR was closed. So when he heard the church announcement that same Sunday that there were a few more places available for MMR, he immediately sprang into action and signed up. He was very encouraged that since the Lord had answered one part of his prayer concerning the MMR, He would also answer the other part, which was the healing his eye condition. With great assurance, he went to the MMR.

On the first night, he deliberately wanted to pray for people with eye problems. However, after praying for the first person who happened to be blind, Jimmy was disappointed that he did not seem to be healed. Just when he was wondering in his heart what he was going to do, the Lord told him that he should focus on praying and leave it to God to do the healing. Jimmy did just that and subsequently, all the people he laid hands upon received either total or partial healing. 

Upon returning from the MMR, his quiet confidence that God had healed Him was affirmed when he returned to his doctor for his follow-up check. The doctor told him that he was completely healed of macular degeneration, something he already knew, for by faith he had already appropriated it. Praise the Lord!

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