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Rachel Goh
Rachel Goh
Healed at the Miracle Service, Singapore
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Healed Of Hepatitis B & Hyperthyroidism
Rachel Goh was a Hepatitis B virus carrier since birth. Though the virus remained dormant in her system for many years, it erupted suddenly in her adulthood. A biopsy revealed that her inflamed liver was just one stage away from full-blown cirrhosis. She was greatly troubled, for fresh in her mind was the memory of her mother’s death as a result of chronic Hepatitis B. Like all victims, her mother developed liver cancer after her liver became cirrhotic.  

A Chinese physician, whom Rachel consulted, prescribed traditional Chinese medication to curb the virus. Instead of improving, her liver became so inflamed after two months that her doctor ordered that she stopped the medication immediately. Rachel then decided to undergo a special treatment of interferon, natural proteins produced by the cells of her own immune system, to inhibit the virus replication within her liver. The treatment was carried out three times a week for one and a half months. But her condition persisted. Furthermore, it brought about serious side-effects. Other than constant fever, shivering and flu-like symptoms, she developed hyperthyroidism, a condition in which her thyroid gland was producing excessive amount of thyroid hormones. As a result, her neck swelled, her heart rate increased abnormally, she suffered excessive hair loss and she lost weight despite eating non-stop. She also became tired and irritable easily. Another type of medicine had to be prescribed to control the excessive production of thyroid hormones.

One day, while Rachel was feeling very downcast, her husband, Wilson, told her that God would have mercy on her and take over from now to heal her. He said it because he saw how much she had suffered and meant to comfort her. However, he did not know how much those words meant to her. They registered in her spirit as she felt that there was still hope for her. She decided to attend the Miracle Service. Incidentally, she came with her mother to the service once some years back but because her mother did not receive immediate healing, they stopped attending altogether. When she attended the Miracle Service the second time, she heard Pastor Rony saying that God’s healing may be progressive for some. She felt encouraged and her faith rose. Consequently, she just kept coming and trusting God to touch her.

After one and a half years, the doctor stopped her thyroid medication to see if her hyperthyroidism had improved. Unfortunately, the symptoms returned immediately. As a result, her doctor recommended either another medication or iodine treatment. And if she opted for the latter, it was likely that she would need hormonal treatment for life. The failed attempt to treat her chronic Hepatitis B led to hyperthyroidism which now required medication or hormonal treatment for the rest of her life. The news was just too much for Rachel! In her disappointment, she found herself crying in a hospital toilet. In tears, she pleaded with the Lord for help. All of a sudden, she felt the Lord impressed upon her a question, “Up till this stage, do you still trust Me?” She answered emphatically, “Of course!” The Lord then told her, “Consider it done!” Rachel’s heart leapt for joy.

In February 2004, she started to proclaim her healing by faith. As she put her trust in God, she declared herself as healed. The knowledge that the Lord would deliver her was not just in her mind but anchored deep in her spirit. Within two months, God’s miraculous healing took place! Rachel’s body started to develop the antibodies for Hepatitis B and her liver inflammation stopped completely. Furthermore, even her thyroid condition was resolved and all the symptoms disappeared. Her doctor simply had no logical explanation for her healing. Hallelujah! He is indeed the Lord that heals us!

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