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Patricia Tay And Edward Lim
Patricia Tay And Edward Lim
Healed at the Miracle Service, Singapore
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Healed Of Chronic Migraine, Skin Conditions, Swollen Lymph Node
For three years or more, Patricia Tay suffered chronic migraine. Each attack would cause pulsating pain to her eyes, shoulders, neck and head. When an attack occurred in the morning, Patricia would virtually lie in her bed till the attack had abated before she could go to work. Should it come at work, she would hide herself in the restroom and suffer in tears.

Patricia consulted doctors, Chinese physicians and even tried acupuncture treatment. The conclusion had always been, “There’s nothing wrong with you.” She was told that her migraine was stress-induced. Despite taking analgesic, the throbbing pain persisted. For fear of a bad report, she turned down the recommendation to do a brain scan. Her life was full of misery; she was frustrated, moody and depressed. Her family members had to leave her alone in bed whenever she had an attack.

In 2008, a colleague invited her to the Miracle Service but Patricia declined the invitation because she did not believe in miracles. At her colleague’s persistence, she soon felt a stirring to attend the Miracle Service. So she decided to give it a try that same Saturday.

She was amazed when she stepped into Lighthouse Evangelism for she felt that it did not look like a church. To her, the Sanctuary of the church was more like a concert hall. What caught her eyes was the joy of the worship leader and the singers (known as the Praislighters). A Gospelighter prayed for her that night. And though she didn’t feel any difference in her condition at the Miracle Service, she made up her mind to come again. She also told her husband, Edward Lim, that she would like to attend the Sunday Service the next day. Though he was not too pleased about it, he consented, hoping that it would alleviate her condition. Since then, Patricia kept coming to the Miracle Service. Her condition improved progressively. One day, Edward told her that she had not heard any complaint from her concerning her headaches. Jostled by his observation, Patricia realized that the Lord had actually healed her. It did not take long for her to ask Jesus to be her Lord and Savior.

At first, Edward was uncomfortable and objected to her attending church regularly. But he just routinely drove her to church. Edward knew undeniably that Patricia had changed for the better. She did not complain like before but was becoming more pleasant. Every time Edward drove her to church, he would hang around the HDB void deck. One day, while at the void deck contemplating whether to attend service, he heard an inner voice spoke, saying, “Why not just go in and take a look and see how it is?” That night, he informed Patricia of his intention to attend Miracle Service with her. Of course, Patricia was ecstatic. God had indeed heard her prayer. That night, when Edward walked into the Sanctuary, he felt an unspeakable peace and the presence of God.

Edward had a skin condition at that time. When he was exposed to the scorching sun in the day, it would itch intensely. Then rashes would break out in the evening. They would spread over his face, neck, hands and areas that were exposed to the sun. The skin specialist he consulted prescribed medication cream. But he was not helped. He was advised to apply sun lotion and wear shirts with long sleeves. He was also advised to carry an umbrella which he found too cumbersome. So Edward decided to come for prayer at the Miracle Service. Though he was an unbeliever then, he decided to see if God could heal him. His condition remained much the same after the first prayer. Praise God, by his third visit to the Miracle Service, the itch in his skin had lessened. Progressively, the rashes also subsided and he was healed within two months. He could now go under the hot sun and nothing would happen to his skin. Praise God he can now go freely for a swim. The following week, following Patricia’s baptism in 2009, Edward decided to receive Christ as his personal Savior. Hallelujah!


Edward also had another condition. The lymph node on his left upper thigh swelled to a 3.4 cm lump and he was in severe pain. The swell would disrupt the flow of blood and develop into deep vein thrombosis (DVT). He had difficulty even to stand for a few minutes and was admitted to the hospital for observation. Meanwhile, Patricia and her daughter both interceded for him at home as his doctor was considering what to do for him. His daughter and Patricia were pleasantly surprised that Edward was discharged shortly without any definite treatment plan. The lump totally subsided and disappeared after Edward trusted God by coming for prayers at the Miracle Service regularly.

Edward and Patricia saw a change in each other’s life after becoming Christians. The Edward that was easily angered and brought stress home from work was radically changed. He is now a calmer person. Edward also saw a change in Patricia’s life too. She has become less temperamental and more joyful. Praise the Lord!
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