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Peter Gwee
Peter Gwee
Healed at the Miracle Service, Singapore
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Healed Of Acute Eczema
What do you do when God seems silent? What do you do when all seems hopeless? Such was the case for Peter Gwee and his wife Lilian. This wonderful and powerful testimony demonstrates God’s love and faithfulness in their lives.

In 2008, Peter did not think much of some red patches on his abdomen area. He presumed that they were harmless rashes. A cream his family doctor prescribed for him was of no help. The rashes did not subside but got worse. Peter was then referred to the National Skin Centre. Again he was confident that his skin condition would clear. After all, he had committed it to the Lord Who would deal with it. As a Gospelighter, he had seen many people healed at the Miracle Service so he was confident that God would certainly heal his condition.

He continued to apply the cream and took medication for his skin condition. What seemed to him a minor problem became full blown. It was confirmed that Peter was suffering from acute eczema that spread all over his body and face. Inflammation, redness, itch, dryness, scaling of the skin, blisters oozing and crusting affected his entire body; literally from the crown of his head to the tip of his toe. Tormented, he found it hard to sleep. The condition multiplied and became worse; this whole ordeal affected every area of his life.

It affected his relationship with his wife Lilian. He became very irritable. Every little thing she did would aggravate him. Lilian confessed that for the first two years, she was quite patient with him. She did everything she could conceive to help him such as praying for him and placing scriptural verses all over the house to assist him focus on God’s healing. But she faltered in the third year and became very frustrated with him and would retort whenever he got irritated. Meanwhile, his condition became worse despite all the prayers and medication. Although Lilian was discouraged, in her heart she still believed that one day God would heal her husband.

Peter himself was discouraged too. He often knelt in prayer and asked God, “Where are You, God? Why are You so silent? Have You forsaken me?” He confided to his wife that God had forsaken him. He kept asking, “Why are You not doing anything for me, Lord?” Even their daughter had questions about her father’s condition: “Why is this happening to my father when he is a Gospelighter? How come he is not healed yet?”

As a Gospelighter at the Miracle Service, Peter saw many people healed and yet his own condition persisted. Discouraged, he even stopped attending church for extended periods last year for fear of embarrassment. The eczema was spreading to his face and he felt embarrassed to face people in church.

Peter tried all kinds of cream in the market. He read countless articles on skin conditions. He tried all kinds of treatment: Traditional Chinese Medicine, nano technology and even phototherapy. High dosages of oral steroids affected his bone density so much so that he had to go for an MRI. Peter was really in a fix. Peter told the Lord that nothing in the medical field could help his condition and only God could heal him. He also had a change of wardrobe. He could only wear light cotton shirts with long sleeves. After taking a break from the Miracle Service initially, he finally decided to attend the service again. He realized he could not survive without God. Attending the Miracle Service would recharge his faith and bring it to a higher level. But even as he continued to attend the Miracle Service, he felt depressed because his condition was taking a turn for the worse. There was no sign of healing.

One night, after returning home from the Miracle Service, Peter began to worship the Lord before he went to bed. At 4.00 am in the morning, something happened. Lilian woke up in the early morning to take a peep at Peter. She was now sleeping with her daughter so that he would not disrupt her sleep. Peter slept alone in the other room as he would be tossing and turning. His bed-sheet would be stained with pus and blood. That early morning, Lilian woke up to pray for Peter. She crept into his room and to her amazement, the whole room was bright. It was as if a dazzling, glorious light was shining in his room. Although all the lights were switched off, his room was lighted. The light covered his bed. She could not even see him. In her mind, she thought it could be Jesus or an angel. She felt she could be dreaming so she went into the toilet and came out again. The room was still brightly lighted. The next morning, Lilian wanted to confirm what she saw with her husband. She told him that she believed the Lord visited him in the early morning. He agreed because he said he slept very well throughout the night.

From then on, his skin condition took a turn for the better. Progressively, the redness on his skin subsided. The itchiness and irritation of the skin became lesser. And when he looked at himself in the mirror, he saw a remarkable change in his appearance. At that point of time he started to claim on God’s Word. He told God that He is indeed his Healer. As he got better, his skin cleared up and it no longer itched. Hallelujah!

Today, Peter’s whole outlook of life has changed since this ordeal. God brought him through this trial to bring him closer to Him. Peter will never forget the torment he went through. He is totally healed by the power of God. Praise the Lord our Healer!

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