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Christine Ang
Christine Ang

Healed at the Miracle Service, Singapore

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Delivered from Depression, Panic Attack, Claustrophobia and other Conditions

Christine Ang’s testimony reminds us of the words of the song that say, “Jesus breaks every fetter and sets me free.” Hallelujah! In 2009, a series of traumatic and stressful events affected her so much that her emotions went on a downward spiral. It started with her losing her job due to an unjust situation. Then her daughter got married and planned to move overseas for good. At that time she also underwent a major surgery and was coping with post-surgical infection. Christine was totally engulfed by her troubles and was bewildered. Everything just seemed to have gone wrong in her life.

When her depression finally reached its climax, Christine was swamped with a whole plethora of negative feelings. She felt sad, guilty, inadequate, pitiful, hopeless, anxious and more. Unable to fully control her emotions, she developed panic attacks and would cry uncontrollably. She virtually avoided watching television and reading newspapers because any tragedy in the media would cause her to feel like one of the victims. 

On May 1, 2009, she finally snapped. In her own words, she caved in. Her panic attacks became so severe that she felt like screaming every morning. She would pace up and down like someone who had lost her mind. Deep inside her, she knew that she should not behave that way but her logic seemed to have fled. It even created a love-hate feeling toward a bed sheet given to her by her daughter. She used to treasure this gift but it suddenly became very repulsive to her. Succumbed to her enigma, she passed the bed sheet to someone for safekeeping. Very soon she also began to hear negative and condemning voices forecasting a tragic end for her and all her loved ones. As a result, Christine could not function in her life. So debilitated was she that she even lost the simple ability to do chores such as cooking or doing the laundry.

Before long, fear crept into her mind. She became fearful of the unknown and also of the future. Even going for a holiday to visit her daughter petrified her. She felt tormented and her physical health was affected. Her appetite was gone and she began to lose weight. Soon she also had claustrophobia. She felt that her 4-room flat was small and she constantly had the urge to get out into the open space.

Then on May 1, 2000, a Saturday, Christine really felt she was going crazy and wished that someone could pray for her. That was when she remembered the Miracle Service. She immediately took a taxi and came to Lighthouse. A Gospelighter prayed for her. After the service, she immediately received improvement over her conditions.

As she continued attending the Miracle Service over the subsequent weeks, one by one her multiple conditions were healed, starting with the voices which ceased completely. On her way home after one Miracle Service, Christine suddenly heard the Lord speaking to her, “Look behind you.” She saw four to five people at the back of the bus. He told her, “Look at them. They don’t have Me in their lives, yet they don’t have fear. You have Me, why do you fear?” At that moment, those words sank into her heart. That night onward, those crippling fears left her totally. Praise the Lord!

Then God delivered her from her claustrophobia. She was ushered to a seat right in the centre of a row of seats at a Miracle Service. Terrified that she might experience an anxiety attack, she froze initially but decided to squeeze herself into the seat. She closed her eyes all through the service until the healing prayer. From that night onward, her claustrophobia lifted and had not returned since.

After another Miracle Service, she decided to go for supper with some of her friends. She realized to her delight that she was able to eat a good meal. Her taste buds were back to normal! Her appetite returned. All her conditions were healed miraculously. Her anxiety attacks stopped, her illogical thoughts ceased, and she regained her appetite. She was able to cope with her life once again.

In fact, Christine even took a plane and traveled on her own to visit her daughter in Geneva. By October 2010, she was up and running and was full of confidence in her new job. How wonderful our God is!


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