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Steven Goh and his wife, Jennifer
Steven Goh and his wife, Jennifer

Healed at the Miracle Service

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Miraculous Life Transformation
The Word of God promises, “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future”(Jeremiah 29:11 NIV). At the Miracle Service, many listened to an inspiring and life-changing testimony of Steven Goh and his wife, Jennifer.

For 22 years, Steven’s work had confined him to a room of his own. Secluded, he had very little interaction with the other colleagues in the office. As a calibration engineer, he serviced electronic gadgets such as measuring instruments. Given that Steven was an introvert, the job suited him well. Moreover, since young, he had sweaty palms due to his anxiety problem and it affected his social skills. He would be embarrassed to socialize. And to shake hands with others would be a nightmare to him. Besides, he also developed an inferiority complex because of the birthmark on the right side of his ear. As an introvert, he could not express himself well and this led to many domestic issues and conflicts with his wife and parents-in-law.

In 1995, his wife Jennifer became a Christian through a cell group in the office. So she shared about her salvation with Steven, hoping that he too would accept Christ. In return, he warned her that he would divorce her if she continued in her newfound faith. The other issue Jennifer had with Steven was his 4D gambling habit.

She used to be upset over the huge amount of money he wasted. Praise God, this habit had since left Steven after he had received Christ into his life. In the past, Jennifer was often sandwiched in between Steven’s conflicts with her parents. Steven’s strife with his in-laws became more intense as time went by, to the point that he ran away from home one night. Prior to this, a colleague, who is also a Lighter, had been inviting him to church. At that time, Steven was not receptive and rejected the invitations but his colleague persisted and never gave up on him. However, on that day when he ran away from home, he realized that his troubles were too overwhelming. So he decided to accept his colleague’s offer and agreed to go to church, just to see if there was a solution.

His first visit to the Miracle Service was in 2005. As he walked into the sanctuary in Lighthouse Evangelism, a certain warmth and peace of God enveloped him. At that moment, all the agitation, frustration and anger within him ebbed away amazingly. On that night, during the altar call, Steven went forward to receive Christ as Lord and Savior. From then on he came to church regularly and even went for water baptism together with Jennifer. After baptism, they rescheduled their time on Sundays to put God first and decided to serve in a ministry. Both Steven and Jennifer are Gospelighters while their children are Videolighters. They have made Lighthouse their home church and serve as a family.

Jennifer gave glory to God for the progressive changes in Steven’s life. He is now more patient and willing to render help to his aged parents-in- law with no more squabbles like before. Being in Christ, he has learned how to respond to people with wisdom and understanding. Indeed, God engineered to change his personality further. At work his company’s Vice-President strongly recommended him to a Toastmasters Club. The program helped to boost and build his confidence level even in public speaking. As time progressed, God enabled Steven to do well and he won the best speaker award a few times. Eventually, he came out of his ‘cocoon’ confidently when he was assigned to meet clients at work. This was a challenge to him as he had never handled such assignments before. However, God was with him and he became successful in these assignments. His superiors and colleagues were impressed with Steven’s success and confidence. Although he had worked there for many years, they did not know him well as he was in a world of his own.

It seemed like divine planning when his company engaged in a training program and Steven was even appointed to train the trainers. Now he is also developing new courses in his expertise and training both internal and external staff from the same industry.

Steven knows full well that without God’s intervention in his life, it would be impossible for him to move forward and get out of his little ‘cocoon’. Indeed, the transforming power of God changed the course of his life and made him to soar like the eagle! Glory to God in the Highest!
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