Senior Pastor's Office

The Senior Pastor’s Office (SPO) strategises and plans the overall church direction towards the fulfillment of our vision and mission. Each personnel in the SPO is responsible for the execution of our vision and strategic plans in order to achieve progressive growth for our church.


Senior Pastor Pacer Tan

As a pastor’s son, Pastor Pacer grew up with our church. At the age of 24 years old, he received the call of God to the ministry. He has served in a wide array of ministries that include musician, worship leading, youth and preaching.

Known for his thought-provoking preaching, he aspires to challenge believers to passionately follow Jesus. As a visionary, he is not easily fazed by the challenges he faces in life and ministry. They only propel his excitement to the endless possibilities people of God can achieve together in Kingdom building. He desires Lighthouse to be a light that reaches our nations and beyond with the gospel of Christ. Besides pastoring, he is also an accomplished worship leader and musician. He enjoys relaxing over a cup of coffee, great movies and basketball.

Pastor Pacer and Katherine are parents to 2 beautiful children, Racer and Rainbow.


Pastor Desmond Tian

Executive Pastor
Pastor (Chinese Ministry)

Pastor Desmond holds a Master of Arts in Theology. He is a key driver and executor of the church’s growth strategies and plans. He has served on staff since the Year 2007. As a man of diverse talents, he began his ministry in the creative arts and then in the Chinese ministry. As our Chinese pastor, he also played an instrumental role in building our Chinese Ministry for the past decade. His approachable and down to earth personality and leadership approach have blessed many Lighters all these years. He has a special interest in Holy Land studies and Biblical archaeology.

He and Irene are parents to 2 wonderful boys, Elijah and Eytan.​

Pastor Timothy O'Connell

Pastoral Head

Pastor Timothy O’Connell is currently the Pastoral Head in the Senior Pastor’s Office and plays an essential role in Lighthouse Evangelism, planning and developing an extensive training programme for Christian students at the Light College Extension School. Having joined the church in September 2018 as a Pastor in the Senior Pastor’s Office, he oversaw the developing of training curriculum for many church functions, as well as the weekly Bible study programme.

Pastor Tim serves as a District Pastor that oversees cell groups and prayer ministries. He has served 15 years in the mission field, and in other capacities, such as the Principal (2008-2014) and Dean of School of Leadership (2006-2014) in Tung Ling Bible School. He is happily married to Joanne.

Pastor John Koh

Director of Operations
Pastor (Worship Ministry)

Pastor John Koh oversees the worship ministry and all aspects of our church operations. He holds a Degree of Associate of Worship Arts. Known around Singapore churches for worship leading, he brings at least two decades of pastoral and worship ministry experiences to our church. Since he joined us on staff as Worship pastor in the Year 2018, he has been a constant source of stability and steadfastness in our worship ministry. He is well-regarded for his unassuming yet steady leadership. He enjoys making music, hikes, movies and a good cup of coffee. 

He and Shereen are parents to Joshua and Emmanuel.


Katherine Han

Special Advisor

Katherine supports the SPO with strategic inputs and provides advice on critical matters for the church. As a change agent at heart, she strives “to make things better for those who come and to part when things are better than before she found them”. That led her to pursue her former careers as a social worker and polytechnic lecturer. She has also served in the children and youth ministries for many years. She desires to see the lives of children and youth touched and transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit. In her current season, she is dedicated to caring for her family and raising her children.