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24 02 2019 • February

A Call to Resilience and Servanthood

By Pastor Timothy O'Connell


What values in life define you; do you find them worth fighting for? Do we have what it takes to stand in the midst of coming adversity or will there be a ceding of more ground to the enemy?

The time has come for the church to take a stand (Ephesians 6:13-14). A key to unlocking our understanding of Resilience can be found in the value of Servanthood. These two values, though different, are linked together, bringing clarity to Lighthouse and Lighters in its vision to be the Light of Christ Everywhere.



中文聚会 Chinese Service

华语崇拜会: 传福音经历神的大能 - 蔡美凤姐妹
Chris Chye

福建崇拜会: 与人同工 - 许少华弟兄
Peter Koh


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