What is ABIDE?

ABIDE is a discipleship journey in Lighthouse Evangelism where we encourage individuals to discover where each and every one of us are in our spiritual journey and to take the next step towards Christlikeness.

This platform encourages individuals to discover where we are in our spiritual journey and to take the ownership in the next step towards Christlikeness.


How do I get involved?

Starting the journey by accepting Jesus as our Lord and Saviour, we should make Lighthouse Evangelism our spiritual family by belonging to this local church. Progressing on, we will learn to contribute to God’s Kingdom by involving in God’s work and ministries. As we grow in our discipleship journey, we should start discipling others and even lead a small group. To ensure that we are effective in our ongoing discipleship journey, further equipping will be given to help us be more like Jesus. 

This journey can be summarised into the acronym ABIDE (Accept. Belong. Involve. Disciple. Equip) with milestones and core resources to help each believer on this journey as presented in the road map below.

Does it mean that I have become a mature believer when I finished the road map or completed all the courses?

Discipleship is an ongoing process. Becoming like our Master Jesus is more than just going through the 7 core classes. But these 7 core classes are essential topics to guide us in our formation to be like Him.


What are the differences in ABIDE classes, Equiplight Courses (E.g. Swordlight courses etc.) and Cell Materials?

These platforms target different aspects of the Christian discipleship and formation. The classes offered in these platforms are designed to impact the Cognitive, Affective, Behavioural aspects of the learner. As each of us are inclined towards a certain mood of learning, going through learning through all these platforms will develop you as a holistic disciple.

In a brief overview, the ABIDE road map and core classes will start a process for you towards Christlikeness by offering you the essentials topics for growth.

The Equiplight Courses will strengthen various aspects of your discipleship by offering you courses to develop that particular aspect of your Christian life.

The cell materials used during Cell Group will encourage you in your reflection and processing to be more like Jesus by allowing small group accountability and sharing to take place.