Lighthouse Evangelism began her journey on 16 April 1978 with Pastor Rony and 8 other pioneering members. Commissioned by Jubilee Presbyterian Church, she held her first service at Chip Bee Centre with 24 people, most of whom attended as a result of our pioneers’ door-to-door evangelism.

On 1 January 1984, Pastor Rony planted an outreach at Hotel Grand Central with the support of 10 Lighters, leaving the established work at Chip Bee to Pastor Clarence Goh. The first service attracted 125 people and grew to 200 worshippers within 1.5 years.

The 2 centres merged on 1 September 1985 and 2 morning services were conducted weekly. The church rapidly outgrew the capacity of Hotel Grand Central.  For the next 6 years from 1 June 1986 onwards, Amara Hotel was our home while we searched for a permanent site to build our church.

We eventually secured our own church building and held our first Sunday Service at Lighthouse Tampines on 9 August 1992. In the years to come, a 3rd English Sunday Service was introduced. Dialect, Mandarin and Indonesian services and Children’s Sunday School were subsequently added.

Our healing service – Miracle Service – also commenced to reach the lost, sick and afflicted. Initially a monthly meeting, we began to conduct Miracle Service weekly as the needs of the people were boundless.

As the church continued to grow, we built our 2nd centre and ran our inaugural service at Lighthouse Woodlands on 9 August 2003. Both buildings were built completely debt-free, attesting to the faithfulness of God and the support of our members, also known as Lighters.

Lighthouse Evangelism celebrated her 40th anniversary in 2018. In the same year, Pastor Pacer Tan succeeded Pastor Rony Tan as the Senior Pastor of the church. Under the new leadership of Pastor Pacer Tan, we strive to continue to be The Light of Christ Everywhere!