Interceding and bringing hope to the sick and afflicted


We are committed to minister the love and compassion of Jesus through personal visitations or prayer support to those who need the healing power of God. Through partnering one another in prayer, we invite the presence and power of the Holy Spirit into our lives and cultivate unity amongst ourselves too.

Here are the sub-categories where you can play a part in our Prayer Ministry:

Home and Hospital Visitations (Powerlight)

We visit the sick and afflicted in their homes or hospitals to pray for them.  At Powerlight, we hope to show care and bring encouragement to them during their times of distress.

Miracle Service Prayer Warriors (Gospelight)

We pray for those who need a healing touch at our weekly healing service – the Miracle Service. By partnering with them in prayers, we agree with them for a healing breakthrough. Through our prayer support, their faith to believe God for a miracle is also increased.

Jesus commands every born again believer to be devoted to prayer to build up our spirit man. Avail yourselves to be used by God to bless others through prayers. Be a prayer warrior and believe in God’s miraculous powers.