Upcoming Missions Trip – Sarawak, East Malaysia

Missions Trip to Sarawak, East Malaysia
8-12 May 2024

This missions trip will include:
• Healing/Evangelistic Rally
• Traditional Sarawak Longhouse Christian service
• Praying for the needy and unwell
• Distributing food package to needy

Registration will be opened to participants in the following phases:
Phase 1:  17 to 23 March – Cell Leaders and Ministry Leaders only
Phase 2:  24 to 30 March – Cell Group only
Phase 3:  31 – 6 April – Open to all

• Due to limited vacancies, all interested parties must register early and at the respective phases.
• The in-charge will notify you to make payment once your registration is successful.
• Payment must be made within five days of notification to be considered as registration is complete.

1. You are registered under the correct registration phase (as above).
2. You must be FULLY Vaccinated and generally in good health.
3. You must be a regular attendee of LE physical Sunday Services.
4. You must attend at least two physical LE Miracle Services in either Tampines or Woodlands prior to the missions trip.
5. You must attend all the mission trip briefings and orientation.
6. When you are notified of successful registration, you must fully pay the mission fee by the stipulated deadline.
7. You must be willing to submit to the leadership of the Missions team and Church.
8. A photo of your passport’s information page and vaccination status will be collected upon acceptance of the application.
9. Refund of payment is subject to the progress stage of the Missions trip.
10. The programme of the Missions trip might be amended to suit local situations.
11. Children below 12 years old are not allowed to participate in the Missions trip.
12. There shall NOT be any deviation from the group travel dates.
13. You MUST purchase your own travel insurance.