Cell Groups

A community of believers to connect with and experience life together! 


Cell groups are important to our church life, especially in a large church context. It is a setting where we can fellowship, pray for, show love and care, and discuss the Bible with the view to help one another to become more Christ-like.

Our cells groups meet every week except for the first week of each month. Cell group sessions are conducted intentionally with 5Ws in mind:


Get to know each other


Get connected to God


Get discipled by the Word


Get inspired by one another’s testimonies. Receive the love
and care through ministry and prayers


Get challenged to impact the world

Do you…

  • Feel a sense of belonging in your faith journey?
  • Yearn to connect with other fellow Christians but lack the confidence to do so?
  • Like to share your life stories with others and build your faith?

Be a part of our cell group to connect with God and to connect with one another!