Weekly Devotionals – 11 April 2022

Do you know that the fear of God is sin’s feared enemy? The fear of God is not only a remedy for sin, but an effective vaccine. Sin and the fear of God cannot coexist for long. The fear of God resists sin and keeps it at bay. This is why the devil attempts to cheapen the fear of God. He knows that if we do not take heed of the fear factor of our Father God, then we are likely to welcome sin’s influence. Regardless of which country they come from, all cultures crumble and the people slide into decadence when the fear of God is not lived out. Individual lives lose their meaning and purpose when the fear of God is ignored.

The fear of God is a force accessible to all who choose to approach their Maker. However, we can either dismiss it as old school or we can embrace it as necessary for successful living. When we fear God, we find Him. When we fear God, we learn to love God and He loves us. That’s when we understand that some things are off limits and we gladly avoid them. Over time, the fear of God will make us run towards God in worship and away from sin in disgust. The fear of God is our friend, and it enhances our friendship with our heavenly Father.

The Ten Commandments are rules to express our fear of God. Therefore, take the commands of God seriously. An adulterer sins because somewhere along the way, the fear of God did not concern him anymore. In the same way, the idols of materialism can consume us when we forget to fear God and worship at the altar of financial gain. The fear of God encourages children to honor their parents, and it inspires parents to lovingly raise their children.

The fear of God is our strong fortress against the devil’s onslaught. We are careful to put on the full armor of God, knowing we are no match in and by ourselves to resist the devil. The fear of God is not a mindless and burdensome obedience. On the contrary, it is intentional, prayerful, and made light and easy by Jesus Christ, the Son of God. The trials and tribulations you may be facing are not meant to create an unhealthy fear that makes us recoil before Christ, but rather a healthy fear that trusts Him in spite of this test of your faith. Do not let the sorrow of loss or the elation of gain to keep you from fearing God.

When you focus on our heavenly Father in worship and prayer, you can’t help but fear Him. His character simply invites the awe and invokes the fear of His followers. Fear Him, and you will be set free from sin and self. Ego and pride recede when confronted by godly fear. Listen to the Lord, and you will fear Him by faith. The remedy for sin is the fear of God. Today, invite our Almighty God to inoculate you from sin with the vaccine of for Him.