Weekly Devotionals – 25 October 2021

Seeking God seems like a strange idea when you first hear it. After all, it is likely that you would have heard about how Jesus came to seek and save the lost. If that is the case, why do we even need to seek God? And as simple as it sounds, this is the flow of biblical thought – we seek God because He first sought us.

If you are a Christian, at a certain point, you heard the gospel and believed. You believed because the Spirit of God opened your eyes to believe. And that, my friends, is how God sought you out. He brought you to Himself by His grace.

But this does not conclude the whole experience of being a Christian. What follows is supposed to be a lifelong commitment to follow the Lord. When we pray or read His word, it is not meant to simply be a religious exercise. It is meant to be our heartfelt way of knowing Him and seeking His will. And that is what Matthew 6:33 is all about. Let’s have a closer look.

Jesus commanded us to seek first God’s kingdom and righteousness before anything else. So, it must be of vital importance. The challenge is, in our flesh, we seek for everything else apart from God. So somehow there must be a turning point in our lives. Somewhere along the line, God must become our utmost priority.

And consider the incredible promise of Christ. In our seeking of God, the other “things” we require in our lives will be given or added to us later on! If you say, “I do not see the Lord bringing “these things” to pass in my life”, I want you to consider the following question. Could it be that it is due to your negligence of putting Him first?

If that is so, today can be the day we repent of our failures in seeking the Lord. Today, we can come before Him with fresh zeal and newfound love. Today, make a renewed commitment to seeking the face of our Heavenly Father daily! It will be the most blessed and fruitful decision of your life.