Weekly Devotionals – 27 September 2021

As followers of Jesus, it is clear that we do not own our lives. We have been bought with a price (1 Corinthians 6:20). Jesus’ sacrificial blood redeemed us from sin, hellfire, and eternal death. By grace through faith, we have been saved and He owns us. A great exchange took place when we first believed in Jesus. What’s ours became His, and what’s His became ours. The life of Christ became our life. From that point forth, He bestows a wonderful definition of who we are in Him – children of God. We are secure because He is the Keeper and Sustainer of our life. We are valuable because the Lord favours us. We are protected because we belong to the Almighty.

The Father sees us as accepted in His Son, though others may reject us. Let’s embrace and enjoy daily the acceptance of Jesus. Our transgressions become opportunities for Him to affirm His acceptance. There are still consequences to our sins, but He is always available to receive us back because we are His.

Moreover, He directs us in the way we, who belong to Him, should go (Isaiah 48:17). God wants us to understand and follow His good, pleasing, and perfect will for our life. It is reassuring to know that Jesus has invited us to take His yoke upon us so that He can direct our steps (Matthew 11:29)! Even when we slip, stumble, and fall, we do not need to be discouraged or dismayed for God is still directing our steps, though at times they seem tedious and laborious. In His steps is the wise way to walk. Do not sprint ahead, thinking you must set a speed record. In fact, fast steps may cause us to backtrack and relearn what God was trying to teach us. So, walk with Him, and watch Him work. Learn how to let the Lord direct your steps. Prayerfully listen to the quiet prompting from His spirit. There are times we need to speed up or slow down and there are times we need to come to a complete halt. God directs the steps of a submitted and surrendered man or woman.

Stubbornness is hard to direct (Psalm 81:12). Pride resists guidance, and independence wants to self-direct. Listen to your spouse or close friend. God may share with you His next steps through them. Self-direction is like travelling alone to a new destination without a map or a GPS. It is futile and frustrating. We will eventually give up in exasperation and exhaustion.

God-directed steps, however, are a pathway to peace. You can rest in His far-reaching perspective and supernatural wisdom. He gives divine direction that determines His will for your life. Step by step He leads you. You can trust that His way is the best way. Be patient. Watch Him work despite adversity and setbacks. Avoid veering off by yourself and stay in step with your Savior. Walking with the Lord is the wisest way to go, so resist directing your own steps. Trust in your walk with Him and allow His direction to define your steps.