Weekly Devotionals – 6 December 2021

As Christmas draws near, we are reminded of this well known prophecy. It was given to Judah at a time when their existence was threatened by Assyria. It was understood as an assurance that God would send a Messiah to deliver them from destruction and give them peace (Isaiah 9:1-7). While God eventually delivered Judah from Assyria, this prophecy was ultimately fulfilled through the birth (Luke 2:11) and ministry of Jesus (Matthew 4:13-17)!

However, it will be instructive to understand the character and attributes of Messiah as promised in Isaiah 9:6, so as to know Jesus more and what He has the power to do. In this verse we know four things about Messiah – He is Wonderful Counsellor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father and Prince of Peace.

“Wonderful” describes an object as miraculous, marvellous, exceptional, extraordinary, amazing. It is characteristic of God Himself! “Counsellor” here is a military adviser who devises wise and astute plans and strategies for warfare.

Jesus is Wonderful Counsellor. He’s all knowing and all wise. He sees the big picture. He knows the end from the beginning. He knows all the devil’s schemes. He is eminently qualified to help us make decisions and choices and solve our problems. If you’re looking for guidance and counsel or solutions for your problems, go to Jesus.

Not only does Jesus have extraordinary wisdom to give good counsel and devise brilliant plans, He is Mighty God. In other words, He has divine power and ability to help us carry out the plans and solve our problems. He has power to heal diseases, reconcile relationships, break addictions and transform lives.

But not only does Jesus have all wisdom to give good counsel and effective solutions, and divine power to help us solve problems, He is also Everlasting Father, so He very much wants to help us. What do fathers do? They love their children and have their interests at heart. They protect them and provide for them. But Jesus is not just Father, He is Everlasting Father! In other words, He never grows old or senile and He’ll never die! So we’ll never become orphans who need to fend for ourselves. Instead, He’ll always provide for us, care for us and look after our well-being. He is our 24/7 Father!

Finally, Jesus is the Prince of Peace. In other words, He is the One who will end all wars and bring about lasting peace. But the Hebrew word for peace means more than absence of war! Shalom is “completeness, soundness, welfare and peace.” It could mean peace and harmony in relationships, with man and with God. It could mean peace, quiet, tranquillity and contentment within oneself. It could also mean soundness and wellness of body and soul. Jesus, the Prince of Shalom will bring all these forms of peace to our lives, if we go to Him and let Him do it.

So Isaiah 9:6 tells us the Christ of Christmas is not so much a lovely and adorable Baby, but the promised divine King and Delieverer Who has all the knowledge, wisdom, power and love to help us in all our problems, including the problem of sin, and to bring us the shalom that God intends for us who are His covenant people and beloved children.

Are you lacking peace as 2021 draws to a close? Hope and peace are in Jesus! He will still all the desperate and hopeless situations you face and give you peace. Let faith arise as you worship Him and trust in Him. Be still and know that He is Wonderful Counsellor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace!